Why I Love the TSF Autumn Retreat

The annual Turner Syndrome Foundation Autumn Retreat is always a great time! Bringing together women and girls who have Turner Syndrome offers the opportunity to form special connections with others who understand their point of view. We get together in the great outdoors at YMCA of the Pines in Medford, New Jersey. The weekend is full of fun outdoor activities, workshops, and time for conversations. Below, read about Tracy’s experience at last year’s Retreat as she plans on joining us again in 2020!

I would absolutely recommend that others attend the Autumn Retreat. You learn so many new things, have so much fun, test your own limits, and bond with others. It’s just so wonderful to get away and self reflect and learn about one another. “


Tracy’s Experience

“I really enjoyed being around other girls and women who go through some of the same challenges as I do. We were all able to share our stories and be there for one another. We were able to lend an ear or share some advice. I also really enjoyed canoeing! It took teamwork, strength, determination, and it was just so wonderful being on the water. We were totally immersed in nature the whole time we were canoeing. 

At the Autumn Retreat, I learned how to take care of myself from a medical and nutritional standpoint. We went over all the medical concerns to be aware of throughout life and also the basic nutrition to follow to stay healthy through our lives. I have also made some very important connections while at the Autumn Retreat. One such person I actually speak to throughout the year and we get together a few times a year, not just once a year while at the Retreat. It is so nice to be able to relate to other people who have gone through some of the same medical and social situations as me.

Attend the Autumn Retreat

We hope you will consider joining us at the Autumn Retreat this year! We will be together from October 9-11 enjoying the fantastic facilities at YMCA of the Pines. The cost is $225 per person in the lodge. People of all ages are welcome, and parents and caregivers are invited to join your girls. We will be offering a limited number of needs-based scholarships in the summer of 2020.

Find out more information about the Retreat and reserve your space!

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