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TSF Internships: Supporting the Mission

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Written by Liz Rivera, Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) intern and currently a junior at Stockton University studying sociology and anthropology. Liz has a strong passion for helping people and hopes to connect people in need with support and resources to help them live healthily and succeed. In this post, you can learn more about TSF internship opportunities and how current interns are supporting the TSF mission.

TSF Internship Opportunities

Are you curious about ways to get involved with the Turner Syndrome community? Are you a college student looking to make a difference for a great cause? Take a look at how these three new TSF interns are applying their talents and skills to support the Turner Syndrome Foundation’s mission, and how you can, too!

Amanda Rentas’ TSF Internship

About Amanda

Hi, Turner Syndrome Foundation community! My name is Amanda Rentas, and I’m a TSF intern. Currently, I am a senior at Montclair State University studying psychology and medical humanities. I will be obtaining my B.A. this December, and this fall, I plan to apply for the next cycle of genetic counseling programs for my Master’s degree.

While searching for different volunteer opportunities, I stumbled upon TSF, and it was a perfect match! Our genetic differences don’t define us; they make us unique. It’s important to provide information and support to this community so those who have Turner Syndrome can have the healthiest future possible. To be able to advocate and support awareness for this community means so much to me!

Amanda’s Internship Plans

As an intern with TSF, I will contribute by doing data collection and analysis. I’m starting with a project that focuses on updating the contact information for health care providers who support the Turner Syndrome community nationwide. Additionally, I will be searching for new providers who provide care for girls and women with Turner Syndrome, so anyone in need of quality health care will know whom to consult with near them. I plan to use my communication and research skills to help TSF in any way I can.

Lauren Baranyay’s TSF Internship

About Lauren

Hi, my name is Lauren Baranyay, and I am a Marketing Intern at the TSF. Currently, I am a rising senior studying business marketing at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. Recently, I studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia, where I developed skills in a new environment and expanded my global awareness. I discovered TSF through another current intern at the organization.

Lauren’s Internship Plans

As a TSF intern, I hope to contribute by integrating what I have learned from my education to support the Turner Syndrome community. Throughout the summer, I will be collaborating on a project to engage with businesses in partnerships. This will, in turn, help build community relationships, add value to the organization, and grow support for it’s initiatives. I am excited to apply my marketing skills to help the organization and its mission.

Liz Rivera’s TSF Internship

About Liz

Hello! I am Liz Rivera. Currently, I am a junior studying sociology and anthropology at Stockton University. I became a TSF intern because I have a strong passion for helping people. Additionally, I wanted to learn about others’ lifestyles, struggles, triumphs, and how this all affects their worldviews. My goal is to help as much as I can by connecting people in need with support and resources to help them live healthily and succeed.

When I looked into the TSF internship, I quickly realized that it was a great opportunity for two reasons:

  • First, I knew nothing about Turner Syndrome, and therefore the internship would give me a chance to learn about others with different experiences from my own.
  • Second, my internship will help people with Turner Syndrome access resources and create a support system to help them achieve their maximum potential in life.

After some research, I immediately applied for a TSF internship. Later, I was able to start learning about TSF and working with the organization. I have spent a lot of time researching Turner Syndrome and gaining knowledge to understand the needs of this community.

Liz’s Internship Plans

I have now started working as a writer for the blog, which has two main functions:

  • Firstly, it tells the stories of girls and women with Turner Syndrome and provides access to resources available to them.
  • Secondly, it educates healthcare providers, researchers, and the public about the many aspects of life with Turner Syndrome and how they can become supporters of the Turner Syndrome community.

I am excited to write for the blog to ensure information is readily available. In addition to the blog, I plan to use my research skills to help TSF provide updated information to the Turner Syndrome community on all aspects of its resources and outreach.

There are many opportunities to get involved with the Turner Syndrome Foundation as an intern. No matter what your major is, there is a place where your unique skills can be utilized to make a difference. Along the way, you will also gain real-world experience in a working environment that is creative, collaborative, and devoted to change. To learn more about TSF internships, click here:

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