How Aortic Dissection Surgery Impacted My Family Planning

Christina is a woman who has Turner Syndrome, a wife, and a teacher. In this monthly blog series, she shares her experiences with family planning and Turner Syndrome after aortic dissection surgery.

The Struggle of Infertility

In honor of Women’s Health Month, I would like to bring some awareness to infertility, which s a struggle that many women with Turner Syndrome face. Most women with Turner Syndrome cannot conceive a child spontaneously. Science has made wonderful strides in this area, so there are other options for starting a family. Read about some of the options here.

Family Planning Post-Aortic Dissection

As many of you know by now, I had aortic dissection surgery in 2018. At the time, I had recently gotten married, and I was starting to consider in-vitro fertilization (IVF). But after the surgery, everything changed. Carrying a child puts a lot of stress on the heart. Thus, most Turner Syndrome patients have to be medically cleared by a cardiologist before embarking on the IVF process. After the surgery, I was told that it would be very risky for me to carry a child, which was extremely hard for me to hear. I had just gotten married and wanted nothing more than to become a mom, with my husband by my side. 

Considering Adoption

Now, my husband and I are considering adoption. We could not be more thrilled about the opportunity to start our family and help a child in need. With the state of the pandemic, we have not yet started the process, but I think we will start looking into agencies and everything that is involved soon.

Special Considerations for Women with Turner Syndrome

If you have Turner Syndrome, you should see a cardiologist to monitor your condition, regardless of whether you have had aortic dissection surgery. If you are considering IVF, a cardiologist can help you make the right decision for your family to keep both you and your and baby safe. My greatest piece of advice to anyone with Turner Syndrome wanting to be a mother is to listen to your heart, and it will tell you what path is right for you.

Last month, Christina talked about life after aortic dissection surgery. Read that post here.

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