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How Aortic Dissection Surgery Impacted My Family Planning

Christina is a woman who has Turner Syndrome, a wife, and a teacher. In this monthly blog series, she shares her experiences with family planning and Turner Syndrome after aortic dissection surgery. The Struggle of Infertility In honor of Women’s Health…

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Twitter Chat: Turner Syndrome and Women’s Health

turner syndrome and infertility

Written by Cassidy Hooper, TSF volunteer Twitter Chat Facilitator In anticipation of Women’s Health Month this month, we had a wonderful Twitter discussion in April about Turner Syndrome and women’s health. We talked about different women’s experiences with Turner Syndrome and…

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Family Planning Options for Women with Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome woman and baby

Infertility is widely known as one of the most common challenges associated with Turner Syndrome, due to premature ovarian failure. As a result, only 2 to 5% of patients who have Turner Syndrome will have spontaneous conception. This usually occurs…

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Healthy Coping Strategies for Anxiety

healthy coping strategies emotional coping

In our most recent webinar with Paula Glashausser, LCSW, ACM, she shared several healthy coping strategies for those who experience anxiety. In this blog we will provide an overview of some “emotional coping” strategies she outlined. These simple exercises can…

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Adoption Tips from an Experienced Mom

mother and daughter

This month, we are exploring family planning options for women with Turner Syndrome. Below are some adoption tips from one mom, Meghan, who is a woman who has Turner Syndrome. She and her husband embarked on their journey to adopt…

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Returning to the New “Normal”

Woman with Turner Syndrome

Written by Susan Herman, a woman with Turner Syndrome and volunteer blog post editor and translator with the Turner Syndrome Foundation. In a previous blog post, we examined coping with grief during the current pandemic, In this post, we examine…

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My First Pelvic Ultrasound: Reflecting on Love and Normalcy

blog series with Katie Steedly curling

Katie Steedly Curling, PhD, writer & guest blogger for TSF, describes her first experience with a pelvic ultrasound and reflects on this “normal” part of womanhood. A Big Deal My first pelvic ultrasound occurred when I was 37 at the…

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Turner Syndrome and Pregnancy: Against All Odds

Turner Syndrome woman and family

Heather, a woman who has Turner Syndrome, shares how she was able to successfully use IVF to start her family. The majority of females who have Turner Syndrome are unable to have children, and even if they can, pregnancy often…

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Coping with Diagnosis – Two Parents’ Perspectives

coping with Turner syndrome diagnosis parents

Amy and Chris are the parents of Avary, a wonderful, now four-year-old little girl who has Turner Syndrome. They have long been advocates for Turner Syndrome awareness, having navigated the stages of coping with diagnosis, finding care, and parenting a…

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Expecting a Baby Girl with Turner Syndrome

If you are a parent expecting a baby girl with Turner Syndrome, first of all, congratulations! This is an exciting time of life, despite the questions and concerns a Turner Syndrome diagnosis might bring. Turner Syndrome is completely random, and…

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