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Why I Support the Autumn Retreat

The Hooper Family very generously funded a scholarship for a woman or girl to attend the Turner Syndrome Autumn Retreat this October. Thank you for your support in honor of your daughter, Liliana.

Before the loss of our daughter, Liliana, I had not heard of Turner Syndrome. As we researched and learned more to ensure we could support her in any way needed, we learned of so many amazing people out there thriving with this condition and more often than not, offering a helping hand to those who were scared and new to the diagnosis.  Reading about the retreat that is being offered for these women and girls is just heartwarming.  It gives them a safe space to talk about what they are experiencing and to connect with other people who can provide them with invaluable support driven often by experience.  Just as there are unknowns for adults caring for kids with Turner Syndrome, there are so many unknowns for the patients and this retreat is just an amazing way to support everyone impacted in one way or another. 

It was an easy decision to donate to this cause because every woman and girl should have the opportunity to attend this amazing event regardless of financial status.  I am very grateful to your organization for continuing that fight and support not only on the research side but also on the emotional side as well.

-Abby Hooper, mother to a Turner Syndrome girl still in our memories

Support the Autumn Retreat

Our annual Turner Syndrome Autumn Retreat is an opportunity for women and girls to come together. It provides an opportunity to learn about their diagnosis and health needs. The Retreat is also an opportunity to form imperative connections with others like them. It is powerful for every woman and girl to know that they are not alone. Unfortunately, many women and girls will be unable to attend because of the financial barrier. We have already decreased the cost to attend this year, and hope to provide more scholarships than ever before.

You can also support the Autumn Retreat by donating a full or partial scholarship. Every donation will enable a woman or girl who has Turner Syndrome will be able to attend. Every donation makes a difference in offering support and resources to this community.

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