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Leisa’s Passion for Helping Others

Leisa Jenkins

It’s National Volunteer Month! Today we are highlighting Leisa Jenkins, mother of a girl who has Turner Syndrome, coach, author of 10x Your Inner Rockstar, and a TSF volunteer. As a volunteer, Leisa is a member of our Engaged Volunteer…

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My Life After Aortic Dissection Surgery

Christina is a woman who has Turner Syndrome, a wife, and a teacher. In this monthly blog series, she shares her experiences living with Turner Syndrome after aortic dissection surgery. Life Post-Surgery Hello again! I hope everyone is doing well…

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Mental Health and Turner Syndrome

Written by Cassidy Hooper, Turner Syndrome woman and TSF volunteer Twitter Chat Facilitator What a great discussion about mental health and Turner Syndrome we had on Twitter on March 25th! We got to learn so much from women with Turner…

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Learn about Hearing Loss

Many people don’t realize that Turner Syndrome is more than just short stature. It can lead to many different health concerns, including hearing loss. Up to 90% of TS patients have sensorineural hearing loss. Also, up to 80% of TS…

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Grief and Turner Syndrome: View from Inside a Pandemic

blog series with Katie Steedly curling

Written by Katie Steedly Curling, PhD, Writer & Guest Blogger for TSF Everything Feels Different As someone with Turner Syndrome, how do you cope with grief during a pandemic? “Normal” coping is a debatable idea to begin with, but it…

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My Turner Syndrome Story: Susan Herman

Susan Herman is a woman with Turner Syndrome and a volunteer blog post editor for TSF. This is her story. “I was lucky enough to find the Turner Syndrome Foundation and other support resources. It has meant a lot to…

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Tips for Obtaining your Driver’s License


A common challenge for women and teenagers who have Turner Syndrome is obtaining a Driver’s License. Cognitive issues related to visual-spatial awareness and executive functioning are often associated with TS. These challenges can make it difficult to learn to drive….

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We Are Over-Comers

There will be obstacles that we may have to face in reaching our dreams and potential that others don’t, but we were born over-comers Written by Angela, TS woman and TSF volunteer, who shares about overcoming challenges My Diagnosis After…

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Why I Support the Autumn Retreat

The Hooper Family very generously funded a scholarship for a woman or girl to attend the Turner Syndrome Autumn Retreat this October. Thank you for your support in honor of your daughter, Liliana. Before the loss of our daughter, Liliana,…

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