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Volunteering to Make a Difference

As you read last week, Cassidy is a woman who volunteers with us to make a difference. She shared her story of overcoming challenges, finding support, and connecting with the community. This week, she shares why she volunteers and the impact it has had on her.

Cassidy’s volunteer role is Twitter Chat Facilitator. We started Twitter Chats in February, which are an opportunity for us to have a conversation with all members of this community. From those affected to family members to supporters, we want to hear everyone’s perspective! Cassidy will now be the organizer who develops the topics and questions, and the voice behind the Tweet in each month’s chat. Her support and insight will be an excellent asset to these monthly conversations, and we are so thankful for her commitment to raising awareness and forming community!

Why I Volunteer

I wanted to volunteer with TSF because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of girls and women with Turner Syndrome. As a woman with Turner Syndrome, I also wanted to be my own self-advocate and help others with TS.

How Volunteering has Impacted Me

It’s been great volunteering with TSF so far. You are very supportive and it’s been so wonderful. I am getting a lot out of the experience, gaining the perspectives of other TS girls and women, and getting to hear their stories. It’s been awesome!

You, Too, Can Volunteer!

Volunteering is a great way to connect with others who have TS. To anyone who wants to volunteer, I’d say don’t be nervous. There are plenty of resources and help available whenever you have questions or concerns. It’s a great opportunity to serve the TS community.

Cassidy is right, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, even right from your own home. We are here to connect you with the perfect opportunity and support you in your effort. Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in this community, as well as forming connections and learning from others! Apply to volunteer today!

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