Leaping for Turner Syndrome Awareness

February Awareness Month may be over, but we want to raise awareness year-round! We asked for photo submissions on Leap Day, February 29th, a bonus day of Awareness Month that only comes once every four years. Thanks for sharing your photos! Let’s treat every day of the year like Leap Day by making it an opportunity to raise awareness.

Here’s some simple ways that you can raise awareness each and every day:

  1. Tell others about Turner Syndrome. From coworkers, friends, family, if you haven’t already shared TS with them, start the conversation!
  2. Print out awareness flyers to leave at the library, doctor’s office, coffee shop, school, and anywhere else you can.
  3. Share information on social media. An easy way to do this is to repost us on Facebook! Share this awareness image to get started.
  4. Wear a t-shirt or hat, put a decal on your car, a sticker on your laptop or water bottle, etc- there’s many items in our shop that can help you raise awareness of Turner Syndrome.

While you might not Leap for Turner Syndrome every day, but you CAN do something every day to raise awareness! Download our Awareness Toolkit that includes plenty of flyers, social media images, talking points, and more. How do you raise awareness in your everyday life?

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