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Preparing to Move it for Millie

Move it for Millie 2020

written by Heather Benoit- Millie’s Mom & Move it for Millie Event Director 

Watch a video about Heather’s experience organizing this annual event.

Overall, the impact of our event has been humbling and sincere. We have raised awareness throughout the community and have received an amazing response in the past years. 

This month we will be holding our 3rd annual Move it for Millie event in honor of our sweet daughter Millie. The inaugural event took a lot of dedication and time to establish, but now with our third year in full swing, it has become second nature. Each year becomes a little easier to obtain sponsorships and donations from the community. In the first year of tackling anything it can be a challenge. You learn and grow from these experiences.

*The Move it for Millie event originally scheduled for March has been postponed. Details will be provided when it is rescheduled.

Learning Each Year

In our first year we had an amazing turn out and we were very satisfied how things went. But, one thing that we have learned to be better prepared for is the quantity of food. We ran out of food in our first year for our dance-a-thon participants, so we have implemented a system to fix that. We are also doing new food this year. Now we have a ticket system so everyone gets the appropriate serving rather than event attendees just grabbing and going.

Last year for our second year, everything ran more smoothly and it was more proficient all around. Each year our event grows and we begin to think of new ideas to incorporate. This year, we have had many donations of in-kind items, so instead of a $1 raffle, we will do a small scale silent auction with minimum bidding beginning at $5-$10 on certain items. There are over 100 people registered and we are expecting at least 50-75 more to register, and we are excited for our guest speakers. We haven’t even held the event yet and I already have some new ideas up my sleeve for next year!

Incorporating the Turner Syndrome Community

Each year we strive to provide new experiences to keep the community interested and coming back. This year we have local TS girls that will speak to the public, providing insight into life with Turner Syndrome. We are excited to have these ladies exhibit such bravery by speaking at the event while raising awareness. There are many women in our state with TS that come to our event each year. They have shown so much support and greatly appreciate all we do to raise awareness and provide resources to local families. These ladies are actually interested in forming a local TS chapter to expand their love of raising awareness and meeting new families that have been affected by Turner Syndrome. 

Remembering Millie

We have been lucky with weather each year. I truly believe it is Millie providing us with a special day from up above, showing us her thanks and love for honoring her and raising awareness in her memory. It is a mix of emotions each year planning an event for your daughter instead of raising her, hearing her laugh, or seeing her grow. We miss Millie tremendously and we are forever changed, but this event means the world to us. It is our chance to celebrate her life and to outpour our unconditional love for her. 

We are inspired by women like Heather, who take initiative to make a difference for those affected by Turner Syndrome. The impact it has for her family and local community has a ripple effect. This year’s event has been postponed due to the Coronavirus, but an announcement will be made when it has been rescheduled.

Do you want to raise awareness and show your support for the Turner Syndrome community? Find out how you can plan an event just like Heather!

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