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We have many new items in our shop that will help you show support for a loved one. When someone you care about sees you raising awareness of Turner Syndrome they will know that they are supported. 100% of proceeds from items in our shop benefit our mission. See some highlights below, and visit our shop for more options of items available for purchase!


There are many options for apparel that you can wear to raise awareness.

Awareness Card

You can keep this card in your wallet, lanyard, turned into a magnet, and more! Have it personalized to honor your loved one and show support.

Banners & Posters

We have lawn signs, bumper stickers, and flyers that are perfect for raising awareness. Additionally, in our shop there are a variety of signs that can be hung-up in schools, doctor’s offices, coffee shops- really anywhere!


Reading books to understand the experience of someone who has Turner Syndrome is a great idea! By understanding her experiences better, you can show your loved one support.

If you purchase an item, share a photo of it being put to use by sending us a message on Facebook!

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