Lori’s Scrapbooking for Awareness

Lori is board member for the Turner Syndrome Foundation. She has created a community of support for Turner Syndrome through her love for scrapbooking. Lori’ daughter, Julie, was diagnosed at six weeks old. When it came to caring for and loving her daughter, at first she felt that it was best to keep Julie’s diagnosis within the family. However, this decision did not last long. She she soon realized that there support for the TS community, and opening up about her daughter’s diagnosis has allowed her to access it. Lori has used her love of scrapbooking to talk about TS and raise awareness among her friends.

Lori’s Passion

            Lori is very passionate about scrapbooking, which inspired her to create a Blog Hop in honor of Turner Syndrome Awareness. Other women who have scrapbooking and crafting blogs participate in the effort to raise awareness. This allows a wide audience to learn about the condition and has brought forward a wave of support. This, she feels, has impacted her family and the community in a positive way. Lori’s effort has impacted so many people. She was able to use her passion to start a conversation about Turner Syndrome.

            Through scrapbooking, Lori has met incredible people and joined many teams of crafters. Being inspired by her awareness efforts, many of her fellow creators have taken initiative to raise awareness using their own platforms and crafts. For example, other crafters have created stamps, cards, and more that have been sold to benefit TSF.

The scrapbook teams she is involved with include: 

Scrapy Land Design Team, Scrapy Land sells dies

  • Dies R Us Design Team, Dies R Us sells dies- stamps and inks
  • 2 Crafty Critter Crazies Design Team- showcase different companies’ digital stamps
  • Lavinia World Design Team- sell Lavinia stamps and papers
  • Lasting Memories Layout Challenge Blog Design Team- showcase their own personal scrapbook pages following specific themes.

Lori’s Purpose

            Crafting, like any hobby, can be an extraordinary part of anyone’s life. You can follow Lori’s example by turning your passion into something that contributes to the greater good. Her Blog Hop is an example of making a difference within the community in which you are a member. Her story shows that when others learn about TS, they will be passionate to get involved in raising awareness as well.

Thank you, Lori

            We are so lucky to have Lori’s support for the Turner Syndrome community. She continues to combine her passion for scrapbooking and love for her daughter to create a positive impact on the Turner syndrome community. Additionally, her story illustrates the ripple effect of positive change that begins with just one person. Thank you, Lori, for showing your support and commitment to all women and girls who have Turner Syndrome. 

We all have a passion! Whether it is a group we belong to, a game we play, a hobby, or even that feeling of warmth we get in the midst of helping others. Liz Carmines of TSF is working with many individuals to get involved in our mission of raising awareness of Turner Syndrome. Let Liz know what you do to create awareness and how you think you might benefit this cause. She would love to hear from you! Email her at: lcarmines@tsfusa.org

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