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Girl with Turner Syndrome

We’re happy you found us! It’s important that you’re here. Turner Syndrome (TS) is a genetic condition that affects every 1 in 2,000 females randomly. Early diagnosis of this lifelong condition is essential to long-term health outcomes. Whether you are directly affected by TS, a medical professional, or just passing through, it’s important that you recognize the signs to help lower diagnosis age.

Caring for Turner Syndrome is possible when you understand the the individualized symptoms, risks and the recommended standard of care. Parents and Caregivers rely on professionals to care and educate their child. Adult women require ongoing health monitoring and care. The patient’s relationship with their care team is essential for longterm health & social outcomes.  Every individual living with Turner Syndrome will require a lifetime of specialized care and surely an informed and caring community of support. 

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All of the resources you’ll find here are completely free for you. We do not charge membership dues to anyone because we believe in making lifesaving information accessible to those who need it most. Spend some time browsing through our website to learn about every aspect of Turner Syndrome!

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