Turner Syndrome Health Presentations at UTHealth

The University of Texas, Houston, recently hosted their annual “Turner Syndrome Community Day.” This is an event for patients and families to learn about a variety of health topics in a series of presentations. From clinical care guidelines, to dental health, to transition to adulthood, it is a comprehensive and informative workshop. There were topics applicable to both women and girls at every stage of life. Fortunately, they have uploaded a recording of the whole event, so no one has to miss out on the valuable information shared!

You can view the recording by clicking the button. Timestamps for the video’s contents are also listed below.

  • 38:30- Clinical Guidelines for Care of Turner Syndrome Patients
  • 1:00:00- Endocrine Care of the Adult with TS
  • 1:12:35- Can You Diagnose TS from the Dentist’s Chair?
  • 1:28:47- Neurocognition and Mental Health in Turner Syndrome
  • 2:09:43- Cardiovascular Health Autopsy and Tissue Donation
  • 2:34:00- Turner Syndrome and Fertility
  • 2:52:43- Turner Syndrome and Hearing Loss

UTHealth has a Turner Syndrome clinic that provides comprehensive care to patients who have TS! This is an ideal location for women and girls who have Turner Syndrome to visit multiple specialized doctors in one visit. Find out about other TS clinics across the U.S. on our website.

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