Camp Korey Turner Syndrome Family Weekend

Camp Korey, located in Mount Vernon, Washington, is hosting its first-ever Turner Syndrome family weekend! Apply to attend Camp Korey with your TS girl from May 1-3. This beautiful camp located in northern Washington state has a mission to offer the outdoor experience to people facing medical conditions that require extra support. The camp is always free for attendees, and that means that all kids, regardless of their life experiences, can have the opportunity to participate!

The Turner Syndrome Family Weekend is going to be a wonderful time. It is special that families will get to participate with their TS girls, sharing a bonding experience. Additionally, the families will be able to meet others who have similar experiences in life with TS. This connection can be invaluable in helping a family feel supported. And of course, enjoying the great outdoors is a wonderful time for anyone! Sample activities for kids and parents include: campfires, carnival, arts and crafts, archery, and stage night. 

Children who have Turner Syndrome and are between the ages of 0-17 are eligible for the camp. Campers come with their caregivers and siblings, sleeping overnight from Friday to Sunday at camp together. 

Apply now for your spot at the Turner Syndrome Family Weekend at Camp Korey! The application is open on a rolling basis, so make sure to apply soon. The deadline to apply is April 17. You can find out more information about the camp by visiting their website.

If you live on the east coast, did you know that we host an annual Turner Syndrome Autumn Retreat in New Jersey? Find out everything you need to know about our camp weekend here.

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