Join us for a Live Awareness Chat!

This February, we want to raise awareness and amplify the voices of this community! That’s why every Wednesday, we will be hosting a Twitter Chat. Join us at 8pm, EST, to participate in a Q and A. Share your perspectives and learn from others in this live online event!

Each chat will focus on a specific topic, and we will ask questions that we want you to answer. Everyone is invited, whether you have Turner Syndrome, are a family member, a friend, a doctor, or just a supporter! We hope to raise awareness by sharing experiences with others and opening up the conversation about TS.

Twitter Chat Schedule:

  • February 5, 8pm EST- Sharing Personal Stories
  • February 12, 8pm EST- Health Concerns with TS
  • February 19, 8pm EST- Volunteering & Advocating
  • February 26, 8pm EST- TBD

How it works:

Log on to Twitter on February 12th at 8pm, EST. Go to our account @TeamTSF. We will tweet a question and you can respond using the hashtag #turnersyndromeawareness. Then, your comment will be added to the conversation for others to see. Follow along with the conversation, reading and responding to others! These Awareness Month Twitter Chats are a chance for us to come together and talk about topics related to TS, all while raising awareness!

There are many other ways to get involved this February! Check out the Involvement Packet to find out more!

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