Webinar: Advocating for TS Legislation | Turner Syndrome Foundation

Webinar: Advocating for TS Legislation


Turner syndrome affects women and girls across the nation. From health care, challenges in school and work, and financial burden, TS has a complex impact on each person.

One of the most effective ways to bring about solutions that will benefit every woman and girl is through public policy. Members of your state legislature and Congress are voted into office to listen to the people and develop policies to meet expressed needs. Until the needs of this community have been expressed, change of a broader magnitude will not come! It is up to each of us to voice our concerns to our nation’s leaders, and we want to teach you how.

Please join us to learn your role in this process from Kayvon Paul, a highly experienced advocate who was recognized as one of Insider NJ’s top 100 millennials in politics in 2019. With a vision for a better future and the passion to work towards it, Kayvon is a go-getter with plenty of wisdom to share. Next, hear from Dana Bozym, a Turner Syndrome mom who took her awareness efforts to the PA state legislature. She successfully advocated for the declaration of February as Turner Syndrome Awareness Month, and she will share insight into how you can, too.

Register today for this webinar. You will need a computer with internet service and/or telephone to participate in this learning activity. Activity instructions will be emailed to registrants on a first come first serve basis.

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