"Turner Girls Can": Rebranding TSF Alaska

Turner Girls Can

Over several years TSF Alaska has become an uplifting page on Facebook for members of the Turner Syndrome community to share photos of their girls doing amazing things. We have decided to embrace this change and officially rebrand the page, as it represents the primary purpose it has naturally taken-on for some time.

The rebranded page will be called “Turner Girls Can.” We invite families across the country, and the world, to share photos and stories of TS girls. You may submit stories to the page’s messages and the moderator will repost the story.

We have seen the community come together in support of each other through this page, and we hope to see that impact grow! When we celebrate the lives of TS girls, they feel encouraged and know that their disorder does not limit them!

Some highlights from the page recently have been TS girls volunteering, succeeding in school, and even fighting fires! Turner Girls Can do anything!

Additionally, we understand the need for support in a difficult time. This page can also be a space to discuss challenges and offer solutions. We will be here to support you, answer your questions, and let you know that you are not alone.

We will not share any personal identifying information (last name, phone number, email), but please only include the information you would like to be seen publicly. For example, if you’d like to comment that she is entering kindergarten, tell us! If not, leave that detail out so there is no confusion about what to repost.

We hope you will join us in this space to spread positivity and awareness throughout the TS community and society as a whole.

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