Health care providers deserve a thank you

November is the month as well as every month that we are grateful for our health care providers. Each and every day girls and women are affected by Turner Syndrome. It is very difficult for those with Turner Syndrome to find health care providers who have dealt with Turner Syndrome before. Since this is a condition that does not have a lot of spotlight on it, many doctors don’t seem to know how to help those who need it. As for those who know about this condition it becomes significant to those with Turner Syndrome.

The health care providers who have knowledge of Turner Syndrome can be very impactful to those who have Turner Syndrome. Health care providers are so important to our society. They provide us with self care in ways that we can’t provide for ourselves. Today and everyday we are grateful for those who put their time towards finding a way to help those with Turner Syndrome and for that we are so thankful for their help.

If you have ever had a positive experience from a health care provider let us know your story at this link. This will give us the opportunity to show them how thankful we are and provide other TS girls with this information. Thank you for being thankful with us!

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