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Charitable giving is easy for New Jersey state employees!

New Jersey state employees can support us throughout the year in a simple way. Thanks to the New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign, charitable giving can become a regular part of life! By setting up payroll deductions, a donation every paycheck can go a very long way in helping us to achieve our goals.

Donations received help to support our mission of helping women and girls with Turner syndrome. For example, we have a focus on facilitating educational programs about TS and investing in research that is needed in order to enhance health care. Every employee who donates, even $5 per paycheck, is standing with TS women and girls.

We appreciate the state of New Jersey for implementing this program that empowers its employees to give back. Because of our donors we are able to make progress towards better outcomes for TS women and girls.

Visit our website to find more information, and visit the NJECC to sign up using TSF’s code- 8159. Thank you!

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