Welcome Back Advocacy Coordinator, Liz Carmines!

TSF is happy to welcome Liz Carmines back to the team as Advocacy Coordinator! In this role, Liz will be working one-on-one with YOU to connect you with an opportunity to take action and raise awareness. Liz spent the past year abroad learning about community development. Now she’s ready to share her knowledge with you!

I previously served as TSF’s Advocacy Coordinator as an undergraduate student at Monmouth University. (You may remember me from the Canvassing 101 video!) In that time I learned about Turner Syndrome and the needs of the community, and became passionate about raising awareness of TS and advocating for affected women and girls.

After graduation in 2018, I left to join the Peace Corps as a Youth Development volunteer in Morocco. I spent nine incredible months experiencing the Moroccan culture, becoming integrated in a rural community, and learning about strategies for youth engagement and community development. While it was a great experience and one I will never forget, I came to realize that I needed to return home. Thus, I packed my bags to come back to the US. I feel grateful to be continuing work as Advocacy Coordinator at TSF to be able to apply the knowledge I gained during my time in Morocco.

The needs of women and girls affected by Turner Syndrome are important, but unfortunately they are often overlooked. Every population deserves a voice, and the opportunity to represent the TS community through advocacy gives me great pleasure. I encourage you to join me in taking action to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome. Women, families, caregivers, legislators, community leaders – there is a volunteer opportunity to everyone at TSF. It does not take much to make change, and each person can have an impact, even in a small way. I look forward to the opportunity to build upon the community of passionate volunteers at TSF to come up with innovative new approaches to advocacy.

If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to me at lcarmines@tsfusa.org.

You can access our helpful Awareness Toolkit that includes materials to get started here: https://turnersyndromefoundation.org/volunteer-3/awareness/. Additionally, our Advocacy Packet that focuses on getting started with legislative advocacy can be found here: https://turnersyndromefoundation.org/volunteer-3/advocacy/public-advocacy/.

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