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Lessons Learned in Research

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In celebration of the ten year anniversary of receiving her PhD, TSF Director of Research, Danielle Moore, shares the lessons and insights she’s learned as a medical and scientific researcher.

Celebrating Lessons in 15 Years of Scientific and Medical Research from a Turner Syndrome Diagnosis

By Danielle Moore, PhD, TSF Board Member & Director of Research

  1. Expect the unexpected result in advance.  Plan for as many different potential answers as possible.
  2. Trying and learning something new is exhilarating.  Push boundaries and grow.  Have patience and expect a learning curve and failed attempts.
  3. Mistakes and failures create the deepest lessons. Experiments fail and turn out extremely differently than we expect. 
  4. Do not trust and believe experimental results until they are repeated and statistically significant more than twice. 
  5. Ask new and separate questions from others to avoid research competition and spark new interest and enthusiasm. 
  6. People are not guinea pigs for research – they are precious and loved pieces of creation.  Their contributions are selfless and heroic.
  7. Laboratory animals deserve kindness, and stimulation, and gratitude, and comfort.  Careful and ethically approved animal research saves lives every single day.  
  8. Network.  Avoid social isolation in research to open collaboration and grow your ideas.  Two are better than one. Three are better than two. 
  9. Celebrate every step of progress and victory and growth.  
  10. Prioritize balance of work and play.  Balance family and time off with science.
  11. Never give up – set a time table of days for recovery and dive back in with a fresh perspective.  Plan the next step and keep moving. 
  12. Balance short term and long term planning for project development.  Set daily goals, and weekly goals, and monthly goals, and quarterly goals, and yearly goals. 
  13. Never forget that the goal of research is to increase our understanding to help make this world better and make other people’s lives easier and increase our understanding of the awesome creation around us.
  14. Accept but fight limitations in technology and technique and process.  Apply and absorb lessons learned and celebrate that growth.             
  15. Embrace a fresh start and new direction and new beginning and new question with open and child-like excitement. 

Research is a team effort. A greater interest in TS research can help eliminate disparities and improve treatment options. Take action by joining or sharing the TSRX today!

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