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Tools for Going Back to School

Back to School

The start of Fall is about more then heading back to school. It means getting back to our usual routines. For girls and women with Turner Syndrome, it can be especially important to establish routines, and doing so can help ease some of the difficulties that are typically associated with TS. These include nonverbal learning disability (NLD), anxiety, depression, and issues with social skills. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make this a great school year or season!

School-Aged Girls

For girls, establishing a routine will help develop effective long-term habits in the classroom. These include:

  • Creating a study schedule to follow
  • Organizing classwork with a binder for each subject
  • Prioritizing with a to-do list that includes schoolwork as well as chores, activities, and more
  • Set up a dedicated workspace that will eliminate any distractions
  • Consider a homework partner who can help with organizing assignments, task division, and time management
Heading Off to College

Congratulations! You should be so proud! At this point, students have probably formed some great study habits, but we have some tips for a smooth transition into this next exciting chapter!

  • Plan ahead and seek guidance so you have a clear sense of what to expect in this new life stage
  • Speak to the school and your professors about services you may need, such as extended time on tests and the use of a word processor for writing assignments
  • Having an emergency contact card can offer peace of mind in a new, independent setting. An emergency contact card can speak for you in the event that medical care becomes necessary.
  • A college setting offers many opportunities for social interaction. Read our page on social skills to help develop productive communications.
Tools for Teachers

The TSF website is full of resources for educators, social workers, administrators, school nurses, and more! Explore our education pages and register with TSF to receive tools and updates to help you advocate for your students.

Have tips that helped you and want to share with the community? Leave them in the comments below!

2 Comments on “Tools for Going Back to School

  1. Thank you! Our daughter definitely resists these work times. Often “zoning out” after a few minutes and needs to be redirected. Are there suggestions to help students redirect themselves?

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