Novo Nordisk Sponsors Turner Syndrome Foundation Weekend

Thank you, Novo Nordisk, Autumn Retreat Sponsor!

Turner Syndrome Foundation is pleased to announce that Novo Nordisk, Inc. is an Education Sponsor of the Turner Syndrome Autumn Retreat for the second year in a row! The Autumn Retreat will be held on September 20-22, 2019 at YMCA of the Pines in Medford, NJ. This event is exclusive to women, girls, and families affected by Turner Syndrome. The Autumn Retreat is poised to foster an environment in which new relationships can develop and thrive while providing educational opportunities to promote a broader and deeper understanding of Turner Syndrome. The agenda includes group activities, professional presentations, and a team 5K Lake Walk.

The generous support of Novo Nordisk will allow girls and women to benefit from this life-changing experience that otherwise may not have been able to attend. “We are thrilled to have their support for this inaugural weekend retreat! Novo Nordisk is a natural fit for our mission because of their commitment to defeat diabetes. This risk of developing diabetes is ten-fold in women with Turner Syndrome compared to the general public, and diabetes prevention is one of the main programs of the Retreat. They are also leaders in growth hormone therapy,” said Program Development Coordinator of Turner Syndrome Foundation and contact for the Retreat, Alexis Gratton.

About Turner Syndrome Foundation

The goal of the Turner Syndrome Foundation is to support research initiatives and facilitate education programs that increase awareness and enhance medical care of those affected by Turner syndrome. Early diagnosis and comprehensive treatments over the lifespan may lead to a brighter and healthier future for all young girls and women with Turner syndrome. Turner Syndrome Foundation collaborates with patients, physicians, educators, legislators, and researchers to fulfill our mission through our four program areas of awareness, advocacy, education, and research. TSF serves more than 20,000 individuals through our patient and professional education workshops, national awareness athletic events, research registry, and open-access education resources. To learn more, visit

About Novo Nordisk

Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk has more than 90 years experience as leaders in diabetes care. Novo Nordisk is also a leader in hemophilia care, growth hormone therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and obesity. To learn more, visit

Interested in joining Novo Nordisk as a sponsor of this incredible weekend? Contact Alexis Gratton at

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