5 Reasons to Attend the Autumn Retreat

turner syndrome autumn retreat scholarship

The Turner Syndrome Autumn Retreat is an empowering weekend designed just for you! Each TSF Retreat is carefully planned based on the feedback and needs of our community. Here are some of the top reasons to attend this special event!

1. Improved Health Outcomes

Studies show that attending health-specific camps can have a positive impact on the quality of life of campers. By normalizing a condition, these camps can increase social functioning, promote acceptance, and reduce stress in regard to treatments.

2. Build Relationships with Fellow Campers

The Retreat naturally allows for inclusion and connection, giving you the opportunity to not just meet others with TS but from true bonds. We know that this camp can lead to lasting friendships because we’ve seen it!turner syndrome autumn retreat

3. A Chance to Grow

Choose to participate in events throughout the weekend that you normally wouldn’t. Speak with others who have experienced your troubles and got through it. Learn from expert advice provided by professional presentations. Whatever it may be, use this weekend to realize your own unique capabilities and dream bigger!

4. Something for Everyone

The Autumn Retreat has something to offer for women and girls of all ages. In 2018, we hosted women and girls from 7 to 48 years old! Activities are strategically chosen to entertain and benefit all participants.

5. “I Am More than TS”

Many girls and women have come to us sharing that they are so much more than their diagnosis. We completely agree! While the Retreat will offer opportunities to learn about managing Turner Syndrome, it is about much more than that! This Retreat is a place for you to form friendships, connect, unwind, and have fun – allowing you to just be you!

Take advantage of this opportunity! Join us at the Autumn Retreat in 2019!

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