Introducing Tina Talks Turner’s!

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There’s someone new at the Turner Syndrome Foundation that we’re so happy to introduce you to…

tina talks turner's

Meet Tina! Tina is in middle school, loves music and her friends, and sometimes has trouble in school. Tina has Turner Syndrome but doesn’t let it stop her from living her dreams! She shares her story in a video and companion book, Tina Talks Turner’s, to help other young girls understand their diagnosis, too.

Tina speaks in child-friendly terms, acting as an experienced friend and mentor to young girls. She shares her experience through the milestones in a Turner girl’s journey, from adding growth hormone treatment to her routine to feeling awkward in social situations.

Sharing a diagnosis with your young daughter can seem overwhelming. In fact, studies show that many parents choose to withhold a diagnosis because they feel they don’t have the right tools or need time to adjust themselves. However, TS girls are often aware that something is different about them. Sharing a diagnosis early on allows young girls to take ownership of TS as part of their identity – leading to acceptance and overall improved outcomes.

tina talks turner's

The video introduces girls to Turner Syndrome, while the companion book serves to dive deeper into your loved one’s own story. Through journal pages and question prompts, the book encourages an open discussion, allowing you to understand your daughter or loved one’s thoughts and feelings in regard to her diagnosis. Use the book and video together to share a new diagnosis with your daughter or increase understanding of an existing diagnosis. Also a great tool to educate young siblings, cousins, friends, and peers!

The video is free to view and the book is available to purchase – a portion of proceeds will directly benefit TSF!

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