10 Ways to Raise Awareness after February

Awareness Month is a unique opportunity to call on legislators, the media, industry leaders, and more to pay attention and take action! But, it doesn’t mean we stop our efforts when February ends. In order to bring about real change, we need to keep working together all year long!

February & Everyday Awareness

At TSF, we celebrate February and everyday awareness because we know your need for community and support doesn’t end on March 1. In fact, it’s even more important to continue taking action after February because of the momentum that’s been building throughout Awareness Month! Below we’re sharing a list of ways you can continue getting involved!

10 ways to raise awareness after February

1. Follow up with your legislators. After you signed the petition, it’s important to keep TS awareness at the front of your legislator’s mind. Use our Talking Points guide to help you!

2. Become a monthly donor. Monthly donors sustain this cause by spreading a donation throughout the year.

3. Host a fundraiser. A casual day at work, seasonal party, or proceeds benefit – there are so many events you can plan to raise awareness! Learn more here.

4. Share your awareness story. How did you take action this Awareness Month? Share your story to inspire others!

5. Speak to your doctor about hosting a workshop. Create a community of support and knowledge when you bring a patient education workshop to your area! Talk to your doctor about the possibility, then pass their contact information along to us so we can follow up!

6. Join the TSRX. A great way to raise awareness is by participating in research. Join the TSF research registry, TSRX, and be part of the solution! Already registered? Sign on to update your responses now!

7. Ask your employer to sponsor TSF. We rely on generous donations to continue our life-changing programs. Do you know a local company, maybe your employer, who like to give back to this community and gain recognition? Let us know!

8. Post on social media (again!). Keep the online conversation going by reminding your friends and family why this cause is important to you!

9. Contact local media outlets. Invite them to share an article, post, or newsletter about TS to raise awareness. You may even be featured in the article!

10. Join the Star Sisters. The Star Sisters is an online community of positivity so anyone, anywhere can participate! Join to connect with women from various walks of life and create a network of support!

Have an idea of your own? Let us know! We’re here to be your partner in awareness! Thank you for all you do!

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