How Can Your Employer Support TSF

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When it comes to volunteerism and philanthropy, your first thought might not be your employer, but you might want to think again. With a number of programs designed to give back to the local community, corporations have the resources to support the causes that are important to you!

Employee Volunteer Programs

An employee or workplace volunteer program is a chance to give back while encouraging your employer to do the same. Each company’s program is a little different, but most will donate to the charity of your choice for each hour you spend volunteering, including retirees. For example, your employer may offer a $100 donation for every 10 hours you volunteer with a nonprofit organization. Some companies will even reward groups of employees who organize for nonprofit projects.

There are many projects you can complete as a volunteer for TSF. Educate your community to raise awareness by hosting a talk with a PowerPoint presentation provided by TSF. Share flyers around your office. And more!

Workplace Giving

Many companies will take tips from their employees when choosing which charities to support. They want to give to the causes that are meaningful to their employees! There are a few ways that your employer may make a donation to TSF. Companies with matching gift programs will match your contribution dollar for dollar, doubling your impact! Additionally, most companies have a philanthropic department that offers monetary support to various charities. Encourage them to choose TSF!

Get Started Now to Support Awareness Month

Speak to your Human Resources department to find out which programs are available in your workplace, then complete the TSF Volunteer Application. Know of a business that will support TSF? Let us know!

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