Why You Should Support Awareness Month

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Every eight hours a baby is born with Turner Syndrome and their lives are a miracle. Only 1-3% of Turner Syndrome babies survive until full-term. Those that do make it will require specialized medical care at every walk of life. The sooner a diagnosis is received, the sooner care can begin. Unfortunately for many, a diagnosis is delivered too late for vital medical interventions.

Turner Syndrome affects an estimated 1 in 2000 girls. Yet, to say they are the only ones affected would be forgetting the parents who lost their baby girl in utero, the caregivers who fight tirelessly for the best treatment options, the medical providers who struggle to improve research, and the activists who dedicate long hours to this cause. Over 80,000 girls and women in the U.S. today are living with Turner Syndrome, and an even greater number are affected.

These countless individuals rely on Turner Syndrome Foundation to be their voice and advocate. However, we cannot do it alone. Alone we are a river, but together our voices can be an ocean. We need YOU to join us in raising awareness everyday and especially in February.

There are many ways to support Awareness Month. With the drive to take action and the tenacity to reach higher, together we can make a substantial difference. The future of every Turner Syndrome girl and woman is in our hands.

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