How Physicians Can Support Awareness Month

Doctors know the importance of preventative medicine for overall health and wellness. When it comes to Turner Syndrome, early diagnosis and preventative treatments are especially important. With a late diagnosis, treatment options like growth hormone therapy are unavailable. You can help increase awareness this February by choosing to take action! We have some ideas to help you get started:

TSF Workshop
  1. Include your network. Encourage the medical societies you are a part of to share information about Turner Syndrome throughout February to educate your colleagues. As you know, many medical societies and networks reach out to their members on a regular basis. Including information about TS Awareness Month in the next newsletter is a surefire way to reach many professionals at once.
  2. Promote early diagnosis. During February, and all year long, display posters and brochures in your office to promote the importance of early diagnoses and lifelong care. Even if you’re not in a pediatric or endocrinology facility, you still have a voice in the medical community! Awareness items like clinical posters, banners, and more are available for purchase in the TSF online store.
  3. Host a workshop. Hosting a patient education workshop at your hospital or medical center will educate your colleagues on the topic and encourage new patients to visit your facility. From a formal afternoon with multiple speakers to a casual patient meet-up, empower your patients and their caregivers to navigate all aspects of this complicated disorder by fostering a relationship we anticipate will continue long into the future!
  4. Become a member. The TSF Professional Membership gives physicians the opportunity to showcase their practice on our website, creating a network of support between experienced providers and patients looking for specialized care. A small annual fee ensures that awareness efforts will continue beyond Awareness Month.

No matter how you get involved, choose to make a difference this Awareness Month! Help your colleagues understand the importance of early diagnosis and show your patients how much this cause means to you! Learn more about the Professional Initiatives at TSF.

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