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Host a Casual Day Fundraiser

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Thinking of all the ways you can get involved this Awareness Month can be overwhelming! “Do I want to host an event? Should I schedule a meeting with my legislators?” No need to worry – we’ve got an easy solution for you!

Hosting a Casual or Jean Day Fundraiser is a simple way to raise awareness while supporting TSF. What is Casual Day? Your workplace will wear jeans or casual wear for one day during the month of February to show their support of TS awareness! With guidelines as simple as “wear your favorite jeans,” everyone can participate!

How to Host a Casual Day Fundraiser
  1. Speak with your boss or human resources department to let them know you’d like to host this event.
  2. With their approval, select a date for your fundraiser.
  3. Complete the TSF Event Organizer Form so we can help you!
  4. Set up your online fundraising page to make collecting donations easy.
  5. Post flyers around your office and invite your colleagues to participate. Encourage a $5 donation for participation and provide a link to your online fundraiser.
  6. Enjoy your Casual Day Awareness Month celebration!

It’s that simple! Are you ready to start FUNdraising?! Here are some ideas of how to make an even greater impact!

  • Take a group photo on Casual Day! Share it with us to encourage others to host a similar event. Invite your company to share the image on their website, too (be sure to mention the great publicity they’ll receive!) to raise even more awareness!
  • As we mentioned above, participants typically donate at least $5 to be a part of Casual or Jean Day. Ask your employer to match the amount you raise to double your impact! Most companies are happy to support causes that are important to their employees.
  • Take your fundraiser a step further and invite everyone to also wear green that day to stand in solidarity with TSF! Imagine how great that group photo will look! More awareness items and apparel can be purchased in our online store.

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