Benefits of Stock Contributions in 2018

Stock contributions

Giving Stock, Bonds, or ETF Shares To Turner Syndrome Foundation is a smart way to increase your gift – and your tax deduction. When you donate appreciated stock shares that you have owned for at least one year to Turner Syndrome Foundation, you will:

  • Receive full fair market value for your tax receipts
  • Bypass federal capital gains (you will be required to pay capital gains if you sell your stock prior to donating).
  • Make a meaningful gift to Turner Syndrome Foundation to ensure all girls and women with Turner Syndrome receive the care they deserve.
Here’s how it works:

Lets say you bought $500 worth of stock several years ago and that stock is now worth $1,000. You could sell the stock for $1000 and send a check to TSF for $1,000. (Thank you!) When tax time comes around, you will have a charitable deduction of $1,000 but have to pay capital gains tax on the $500 gain. At 20% this would be $100. If, however, you donate the stock directly to TSF, the IRS still gives you the charitable deduction of $1000 but there is no tax on the gain. So you saved $100 on your donation!

Stock contributions are even more powerful in 2018 under the new tax law. Federal tax benefits for paying state capital gains taxes have disappeared, meaning combined federal and state capital gains tax rates went up. Fortunately, by gifting appreciated assets you are able to bypass those capital gains taxes. To avoid all capital gains taxes, donors can do a “charitable swap” to maintain their portfolio after their gift. Instead of donating, give stock to TSF in the same value you would like to donate. Then use the cash you would have donated to replace the donated shares. With a “charitable swap,” you can avoid capital gains taxes completely while keeping your portfolio!

Give smart and from the heart by donating stock to Turner Syndrome Foundation today! Learn more at

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