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The Power Within You

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What do historical figures have to do with the future of Turner Syndrome? They show us the power that one person and one organization can have. Jane Addams is a great example. Unsure of her own path in life, Jane noticed the poor living conditions in the industrial centers of 1889 Chicago and chose to make a change. She dedicated her life to nursing the sick, feeding the hungry, and educating the youth of Chicago. Her accomplishments eventually won her a Nobel Peace Prize and the position of President Herbert Hoover’s assistant.

Jane’s story represents the influence just one person can have in the world, but what if those individuals join together? Aldon Morris, an award-winning scholar, studied how the American Civil Rights Movement was so successful. He lists a number of reasons, such as media attention and economic consequences – but the main reason he calls the Civil Rights Movement “genius” is because of the sheer number of people that organized together over a common goal to make change happen.

These moments in history show the power we all have within us if we’re willing to stand up and take action. What power do you have within you? Are you a good writer, an excellent speaker? Are you well connected within your community?

Take a moment and think about how you can use these powers to raise awareness for Turner Syndrome. Writers: will you write to your legislators asking them to declare Awareness Month on a national scale? Those who are well connected: will you ask your colleagues and friends to help you support a cause that’s important to you? Those who love to entertain friends and family: will you plan a Turner Syndrome fundraiser?

At this time of year, you’re probably seeing a lot of requests from charities asking you to donate. But donating your time is equally important to us at TSF. Take a stand, get involved, find your voice – and one day you’ll look back at how much Turner Syndrome care has improved because of you.

Start today. Register below and select your interest in volunteering and a volunteer coordinator will reach out to you shortly.

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