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Give Today for Her Tomorrow

legacy giving

Planned or legacy giving forms a charitable gift now that will go to the organization of your choice in the future. “Planned” gifts are unlike usual donations because you should consult a lawyer and financial planner when setting them up. You don’t need to worry. Although planned giving takes some thought and consideration, it isn’t complicated. After speaking with your lawyer and financial advisor, a planned gift will add just a few minutes and few sentences to your will.

Why Should I Consider Planned Giving?

When you designate a gift in your will to TSF, you are supporting Turner Syndrome awareness and research long into the future. Your thoughtful planning today leaves behind the promise for a better tomorrow for every baby born with Turner Syndrome. You’ll also gain tax benefits under state and federal law.

Turner Syndrome Foundation has created brochures detailing the various ways you can designate a planned gift. Visit to learn more.

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