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Thanksgiving Greetings

Two simple words deserve repeating. Thank you! Thank you to all who give generously of themselves to empower the enduring mission of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. You are the selfless heroes who go above and beyond personal responsibilities to give back and make a difference in the lives of others. You make this mission a reality.

You support this cause meaningfully because you care. Gifts of support in all amounts contribute greatly. Whether you are a one-time donor, an annual donor or a major donor, equally you sacrifice to support this cause. Thank you. We are stronger with you. 

You, our volunteers, interns and staff are the engine of this mission. You develop and execute programs with core values to improve and save lives. Thank you. Your talent shapes the future of TS. 

Educators, clinicians and researchers dedicated to a greater understanding of Turner Syndrome enlighten the world and bring hope to the future of TS. It is because of you that we see progression in education and research initiatives. Thank you. Your contribution to these initiatives advance this cause.

We here at the Turner Syndrome Foundation are thankful for your kindness and generosity! With your support we lesson the suffering of people. Together, we thoughtfully tackle issues that would otherwise be ignored. Thank you. You are a gift to this cause. You make this mission thrive!

We invite you to view the Annual Report to learn more about the power and promise of this mission. Thank you. You help the people we serve. 

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. During this season of reflection, we join together in thanks and gratitude for traditions that shape our lives. For those who seek comfort during this time of the year, we hold you close in our thoughts and send an embrace of support. Peace and blessings to all on this Thanksgiving.

Truly yours,

Laura Fasciano, Director & Founding President

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