2019 Turner Syndrome Retreat – Reserve your spot!

autumn retreat day trip, lake walk

We are excited to announce that we are hosting a Turner Syndrome Autumn Retreat again for you this September! We know how important it is to form lasting connections, especially with people who understand your story. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

What makes the Autumn Retreat special?

This is the first event of its kind – a chance for women & girls with TS and family members to come together, have fun, learn, and unwind surrounded by nature. The Retreat specializes in your needs, offering not just memories to last a lifetime, but skills and knowledge to help you manage your life with Turner Syndrome. The Retreat will provide a laid-back summer camp vibe, making sure everyone is comfortable to be themselves.

Who should attend?

Are you affected by Turner Syndrome? Then this weekend is for you! Women & girls with TS, parents, and family members are invited and encouraged to join us!

Read some reviews from last year’s Retreat weekend!

“Words cant adequately describe what an honor it was having the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing weekend. Even with the rain on Sunday the retreat weekend couldn’t have been more of a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed spending quality time with you and such a wonderful group of people. It really shows the impact that the incredible foundation you founded has on others. My head is still spinning after a life changing weekend.”

“I did walk away exchanging emails with a few other moms.  Great job serving the needs of others!  And thank you for the love that you put into it ;)” 

“[We] had a great time. We enjoyed the new friends we made and the scheduled activities.”

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