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A mother’s lament. A heartbreaking truth

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, an issue that affects everyone without discrimination. Here is a mother’s lament on the bullying of her daughter. A heartbreaking truth for many. This is an email sent to a superintendent of schools:

“This morning I notified the principal that my daughter is being bullied by a classmate and made to feel unsafe especially during unstructured times at school. This is not the first time, nor is it the first person. As a parent, I say enough is enough.

In my January meeting with Dr. Social Worker and Mrs. Teacher, I mentioned the girl by name. I assumed that after providing this information the nasty comments and bullying would change, but it has not.

Yesterday during the assembly, my daughter was sitting on the floor with her legs folded and the girl turned around twice and squeezed her thighs with both of her hands. My daughter expressed that she feels badly and made to feel unlikable. She doesn’t do anything about it because she doesn’t want to get in trouble and be sent to the principal’s office. I explained that no one is allowed to touch her and that she has the right to hold her hand back from touching her and tell her, NO! I ask that the principal, teachers, classroom aides and the lunch aide be made aware of this situation.

My daughter should feel safe to learn and express herself in school.

Apparently, popular in school equates to meanness. How very sad that my daughter is the target of such unfortunate behavior. I want this matter addressed immediately. Please advise the steps that will be taken to correct this problem.”

If enough is enough and you want change, please sign the petition bringing awareness to Turner Syndrome. 


Learn more: https://turnersyndromefoundation.org/professionals/educators/learning-2/social/



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