A Stellar Video: This is my story

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Eager to spread awareness of Turner Syndrome, Stella decided to share her Turner Syndrome journey. This courageous and beautiful young lady is making a difference. Watch her video, read her story and be inspired! 

Don’t let anyone discourage you from being the best version of yourself. Turner Syndrome does not limit you to be great, and like Stella said: “it’s very easy to prove [anyone who disagree] wrong.”

You can learn more about Stella’s story at the link below.



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2 Comments on “A Stellar Video: This is my story

  1. Way to go, Stella. You are such an inspiration to people of all ages. You go, girl!!

  2. Getting bullied wasn’t easy!! I lost a piece of myself, but I got it through writing my story! If you have a unique story, don’t be scared to share it with the world. If people say that you can’t, prove them wrong!!
    -Stella Haag

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