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in-kind donations

The last few months of the year are particularly important for nonprofits. Americans become increasingly generous as the summer months come to a close and we enter the holiday giving season. According to Network for Good, 12% of annual giving occurs in the last three months of the year, with 31% occurring in December alone. In fact, the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is when most donations are made as donors hurry to meet tax-deduction cut-off dates.

All of this giving allows nonprofit organizations to enter a new year strong, with necessary funds to drive new and existing programs.  However, with many nonprofits vying for donors’ attention, competition can be fierce. You can help the Turner Syndrome Foundation stand out this appeal season with an in-kind donation. In-kind donations will be raffled off in a silent auction to encourage individuals to engage with the Turner Syndrome Foundation and, more importantly, motivate them to give to an important cause.

Studies show that 86% of individuals consider a company’s commitment to a social issue when deciding which brand to buy. Likewise, 74% of individuals take this into consideration when recommending products to others. With more than 10,000 visitors to our website each month and an additional 10,000 followers on Facebook from across the United States, this opportunity offers widespread brand recognition and a chance to showcase your company as a compassionate business that cares about women in their workforce and community.

With your generous support, Turner Syndrome Foundation will continue to fund life-changing programs that make a difference for all women and girls affected by Turner Syndrome.

To submit an in-kind donation, please complete this brief form and a staff member will reach out to you shortly. Thank you for you support!

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