Turner Syndrome Financial Assistance

A 2015 study published by the National Institute of Health surveyed more than 700 individuals with a connection to Turner Syndrome. A majority of respondents reported that the cost of healthcare and insurance were a major concern for them.

Similarly, Boston Children’s Hospital reported that the cost of hormone treatment for children with Turner Syndrome can place a strain on families. Though many healthcare plans cover some of the costs associated with hormone treatments for girls with Turner Syndrome, financial stability continues to be a common stressor for families and women affected by Turner Syndrome.

Other expenses include the cost of family planning, estrogen therapy, travel to and from doctor’s offices, and more. These costs can seem discouraging when added to everyday living expenses and college tuition costs. Fortunately, there are a number of resources and programs available to help you afford the medical care you need. 

  1. Contact your State Department of Insurance and ask about patient assistance programs.
  2. Consider a Growth Hormone Reimbursement Assistance program.
  3. Speak to your insurance agency. Many will offer a three month supply of medications at a reduced rate if you order by mail.
  4. Ask your physician! They will most likely be familiar with drug reps or resources in your area.
  5. Visit our Insurance Assistance page to learn more!
Financial Literacy Presentation

A good way to offset costs is by planning for the future and understanding how to manage your money, which will help you make informed decisions with the resources you have. Join the Autumn Retreat this September to participate in a financial literacy workshop led by Investors Bank representative, Gina Soares. Enhance your financial literacy knowledge, gain independence, and prepare for any future costs! If you are unable to attend the entire Retreat weekend, joining us on Saturday for a day trip will include Gina’s presentation! Register now!

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