Running the NJ Marathon with TSF

Running the 2018 NJ Marathon was one of the most memorable races of my life. In addition to completing the race in 3 hours 26 minutes, I also re-qualified for the Boston Marathon, matching my personal marathon record I ran over 2 years ago, before having my 3rd and final knee surgery. This was a significant moment for me, because since having that knee surgery, I found it challenging to gain my speed back again. Even more memorable was running this marathon for the Turner Syndrome Foundation, an organization I started working with a few months ago as a part of an internship requirement at my school, Monmouth University.

Working for the Turner Syndrome Foundation opened me up to the idea of advocating this cause that empowers and spreads awareness of women with Turner Syndrome, to help them achieve the best, most beautiful version of their best self. I became inspired by the women with Turner Syndrome that we raised money for, making me want to become a fundraiser as well. As someone who has completed 7 marathons, (including a 50 mile ultramarathon), and working with other running charities such as Team for Kids and Achilles International, I felt like this was my calling to take on the initiative of transforming my role within the Turner Syndrome Foundation. I went from staff coordinator to active fundraiser, having raised $150 so far for this remarkable non-profit that benefits some of the strongest women known.

However, I am not stopping at the NJ Marathon. I currently have a goal to run a marathon on every continent, something I have wanted to complete even before I started running marathons 3 years ago. Although this goal is something personal, bringing attention to myself, I want to use it as a strategy to bring awareness to the Turner Syndrome Foundation as well. By completing marathons all over the world, I hope to not only inspire girls and women with Turner Syndrome to lead active, healthy lifestyles, but to introduce TS to people who may be unaware of its effects. Such effects can include infertility or heart complications, affecting 1 in 2000 females. Whether I raise $200 or $2000, I truly believe that by tackling a goal I have always dreamed of, while doing so in support of these women, everything done or raised will make a significant impact on the lives of those affected, or know someone who is affected by TS. Currently, I have mapped out 3 of my continents to complete over the next year, which include the Petra Desert Marathon in Jordan (western Asia) and Dublin marathon (Europe) which I have officially registered for. I will potentially be running a marathon in Morocco (Africa) as well next year. I’m so excited to not only be a apart of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, but to be able to do something I love while giving back to a community of inspirational women, I’m thankful to have had an excellent NJ Marathon experience, and am looking forward to running more races with Team TSF in the near future!

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