Running: The Perfectly Painful Outlet

Everyone has an outlet. A passion, an activity, a guilty pleasure. Something that puts their mental and physical health in check. Well….mine is running. Running is more than an activity designed to keep you in excellent physical shape. It is a sport fueled by the passion of someone who wants to challenge his or herself in every mental and physical possibility imaginable. Whether it is by running a 5k, a full marathon, or longer distance, running brings out some of the best qualities in us. I often use my long training runs not thinking about how busy or stressed I am at the moment, but rather how in tune I am with my body and mind. Am I doing what I love in life? Am I happy? What goals am I working on to improve upon myself…to become the best runner, but more importantly, best version of myself possible. Running is the perfect outlet that allows for my creativity to flourish, whether it is on a night run around my neighborhood, or on the trails early in the morning.

Personally, I am a big proponent of listening to music while running. The combination of my rapidly beating heart to the sweet sound of music creates this indescribable chemistry in my brain, giving me unmeasurable doses of adrenaline and passion. Some of my best ideas have come to me on runs, resulting from the process I just described. Heck, my idea to run my first marathon came to me on a run! Running truly makes for the perfect outlet because of the individuality central to the sport. You are competing against yourself the entire time. This is central to understanding how running sets up a chain reaction of events that change and challenge you to overcome your biggest, darkest fears. To morph you into the strong and fierce warrior constantly envisioned in your mind. Every day you run, you are challenged to chase the personal image you’ve been dreaming about obtaining for ages. Do you want to get into better shape, and run your first 5k? Every time you go out for a run, you are positively challenging yourself to do just that. Training to overcome an injury and complete your first marathon? You just challenged yourself to overcome the fear of re-injury, in pursuit of accomplishing something that sets your heart on fire. Running is not only an outlet that calms the mind and challenges the body, but one that additionally challenges you to improve upon overlooked personal traits such as having patience and discipline. It is truly one of the most blissful, yet beautifully painful ways to discover how badly you want to reach a goal, whatever it may be. There is beauty in pain, especially with a goal continuously motivating you the entire way. Whatever your goal is, remember that if you can dream up a way to implement it, you can absolutely 10000% do it….and running can help you can get there.

WHAT IS YOUR OUTLET? Is it running? If so, Be a Part of Team TSF, our heel-to-pavement movement. Join any of the hundreds of races going on all over the country (and world). Not only will you get to do what you love, but you will also be making a difference in the Turner Syndrome Community. Run for Turner Syndrome!  Contact if you have any question.


If running is not your thing, you can still do something you are passionate about  while supporting Turner Syndrome. TAKE ACTION.






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