A collaborative effort for TS Awareness

Have you met anyone affected by Turner Syndrome yet? If you have, would you like to re-live the experience? Here’s how to make it happen, while making a difference.
You can be part of an awareness event planning in your state/community.
It’s easy. Fill the form below, include your skills and interests, and based on the individual submissions from each state, we can create THE TEAM that will make it possible for you and others. One person may not be able to do everything and this is why we are facilitating this great initiative to collaboratively create something great.  No experience is needed, just the passion and willingness to make a difference! WE ARE HERE TO GUIDE YOU. 
Not only will you be meeting with other TS women and families, but you’ll be working together to make a difference! 
If you have any question, please do not hesitate contacting us. Email us at volunteer@tsfusa.org

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