From One Runner to Another

From One Runner to Another: How the Turner Syndrome Foundation Builds Friendships Based on Empowerment and Inspiration

By: Rachel Belmont

Recently, I decided that I wanted to take on the daring and arduous challenge of running a marathon on all 7 continents. However, I want to complete this goal while raising money for the Turner Syndrome Foundation, so I could empower women with TS, as well as women from all backgrounds to lead healthy, active lifestyles. I find it so important to stay active…not only to maintain my health and fitness, but to fuel my passion, creativity, and personal happiness as well. One of my first donors, a grandmother of a young girl with Turner Syndrome, was inspired by this message of mine, and wanted to contribute to my cause. After speaking with my donor on the phone, I discovered that she was also a marathon runner, but a very experienced and decorated one as well. It turned out that she had run over 60 marathons, including one in every single state, while raising money for the Turner Syndrome Foundation. The two of us enthusiastically shared remarkable stories of marathons we had run, while explaining our motives for doing so.

The Turner Syndrome Foundation served as an inspiration for the both of us to run marathons, by doing so to empower women with TS to live their happiest, healthiest, most active lives. The Turner Syndrome Foundation has the ability to attract people from all backgrounds to assimilate into a community of loving, supportive people who care about one another’s health and well-being. An example of one such connection is found in the one I shared with my donor, one marathoner to another, who both used running as a motive to give back to the community. Stripping away running from the equation, the Turner Syndrome Foundation has the capability to build strong, genuine friendships between women, regardless of background. It does not matter how experienced of an athlete you are, or whether you have or know someone with Turner Syndrome.

There is room for everyone in this organization, being that each member brings an open heart and willingness to not only spread awareness of TS, but to build a strong foundation of women supporters and friends as well.

Join Team TSF TODAY. Find a race near you, or host your own event, and begin raising awareness for Turner Syndrome. We are here to guide you! Questions? Email or call 800-594-4585


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