TS Awareness: Move it for Millie


It doesn’t take much to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome. Often times the determination, passion and eagerness to make a difference can contagion those around us, creating an even greater impact. Take Heather’s example, one of our February Awareness Campaign ROCKSTAR!

Heather Benoit lost her daughter, Millie, of Turner Syndrome at 20 weeks of gestation. Understanding the importance of greater awareness of this rare yet widely unrecognized condition, Heather’s friends & family decided to honor Millie’s memory by hosting an awareness event and donating all the proceeds to Turner Syndrome Foundation.

Millie’s mother is keeping her memory alive! Taking advantage of her dancing and event planning skills, Heather organized Move it for Millie, resulting in over 300 participants attending her event. Move it for Millie featured a 5K walk/run and a dance-a-thon with Dance2Fit and Zumba. Kicking it up a notch, Heather contacted local community magazine where photos of Millie’s items were featured in the February issue. In addition, she did a live video interview with the women’s empowerment show, a local Louisiana TV show, where she highlighted her event, our mission and the important of TS awareness. Heather’s efforts has gone a long way. A significant amount of funds were raised and most importantly a much greater understanding of Turner Syndrome now exist in her community.

“It was a heartwarming experience being able to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome while celebrating the life of our unborn daughter Millie. The community came together to move for Millie and it was the perfect day. We were blown away by the love and support from our community. We formed new friendships with other Turner Syndrome families and are looking forward to continue our event in the upcoming years.”  Heather

Like we said, it doesn’t take much to make a great impact, so long you are willing to make  one. We all have the capacity and skills to positively affect someone’s life. Your skills, network, and determination can go a very long way, and we are here to help you! Take Heather’s words:

“People love to celebrate a cause and are eager to support their community in any way they can. In trying times, a community comes together and soars together. It was such a humbling experience.”

Join Heather’s efforts to raise awareness. Whatever it is, we are here to guide you!

On behalf of the Turner Syndrome Foundation… HEATHER, Friends and Family, YOU ARE ROCKSTARS! THANK YOU FOR BEING THE CHANGE THE WORLD WISHES TO SEE. 

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