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Since 2010, Team TSF has raced, cheered, and volunteered for Turner Syndrome. Team TSF has grown to include events in many states such as New Jersey, Arizona, New York, Tennessee, Washington, Florida, and Texas… and expanding! Team TSF is active and visible throughout the events, from the bright green t-shirts of our team members to our information booth and Treats & Sweets bake sale. Local families and supporters are invited to “Run, Walk, Cheer or Volunteer!” to support TSF. This year, we want you to join us! With thousands of race participants from all over the country, this is an amazing opportunity to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome and gain widespread brand recognition!

Benefits of Sponsorship

According to the National Association of Youth Sports, sponsoring sports teams has major benefits for business. Increase awareness of your company’s products and services in a welcome environment. Sponsoring a charity event is a chance to engage team members, parents, organizers, and volunteers in a meaningful way, leading them to have a positive view of your brand and instill loyalty in future consumers. Compared to the cost of print and television marketing, sponsorships reach many people for a lower price – providing a great return on your investment. Sponsorships are even more cost effective because you can choose the opportunity that is a best fit for your business.

How You Can Help

If you know a company or individual you think would be interested in this opportunity, please introduce us! You’d be doing a tremendous service to increase Turner Syndrome awareness! Contact us

Sponsorship Opportunities

Join us at the NJ Marathon

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