TSF is proud to present TSRX!

Turner Syndrome Research eXchange PIN

Turner Syndrome Research eXchange

Turner Syndrome Foundation is proud to announce the Turner Syndrome Research eXchange (TSRX) in collaboration with Invitae’s Patient Insights Network (PIN). TSRX is a space for permission-based sharing of your medical data to advance research and inform Turner Syndrome treatments and care.

TSRX is different from typical patient registries because you are in control of all of your data and choose how you’d like to share. Your data is also de-identified, meaning it doesn’t contain your name, date of birth, or other identifying data to maintain your privacy. The best part of all? Once you join, you’ll be able to explore others’ de-identified data to see how they’re managing their Turner Syndrome journey to help you understand your own health.

Join the Turner Syndrome Research eXchange, and you’ll be helping researchers gain a deeper understanding of Turner Syndrome. For a complex condition like Turner Syndrome, the patient’s voice is a crucial part of research. All patients and caregivers are encouraged to join!

The time is now to stand together for the future of Turner Syndrome care.

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