Keep the legislative campaign going!

Our petition to send to legislators has seen great success in gaining signatures, but the momentum needs to continue in order to have the largest impact. With 568 signatures across the country we can gain attention, but we know that we can do better! There are several things you can do that take minimal time and effort in order to further the support of this intiative.

advocacy numbers

This flyer can be shared on social media in order to gain more signatures on the petition, and it can be printed and posted all over your community! The more people who sign, the better!

Additonally, communicating directly with your members of Congress is so important to show that people are serious about having legislation passed to support Turner Syndrome patients. Start by writing letters, especially handwritten ones, and calling their office. Then try to set up a meeting with your legislator to discuss the needs of women and girls affected by the disorder. You can also go to a town hall meeting, which is a great time to get the attention of your Congresspeople.

We have put together a packet of information for those interested in continuing advocacy work, which provides in-depth details on each of these steps, and also provides a sample letter and script for you to use. Many of these steps takes no time at all, but can have a major impact in gaining legislative support! Please email to request a packet.


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