Turner Syndrome Awareness Month Week 2: Advocate!

awareness month week 2

It’s week two of Awareness Month and we have another great idea of how you can make a difference.

Advocacy is the path to obtaining the support and services you need. As an advocacy organization, we understand that gaps exist in certain areas of Turner Syndrome care, legislation, and more. However, with your help, we can raise awareness to make Turner Syndrome a national priority.

Ask your local officials to declare February as Turner Syndrome Awareness Month. All you have to do is complete a brief form and we’ll send it to the legislators representing your constituency. Sign today and make sure your voice is heard.

How Can Turner Syndrome Awareness Month Make a Difference?

Awareness Month is an opportunity for our community to come together, to raise our voices, and make sure everyone affected by Turner Syndrome is receiving the care they deserve. By making more people aware of Turner Syndrome, there is hope to reduce diagnosis age, to educate doctors and teachers, to eliminate any stigma associated with Turner Syndrome, and so much more. Most people do not understand Turner Syndrome until they are personally affected, but together we can start a conversation and change the future of Turner Syndrome care. Your local legislators hold the power in your community to make that happen.

There is an estimated 80,000 women and girls living with Turner Syndrome in the U.S., 2 million worldwide. This number does not include the parents, siblings, caregivers, and more who are also touched by this condition. Ultimately, there are more than 2 million reasons to sign the petition.


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