Turner Syndrome Awareness Month Week 1: Become a Supporter!

awareness month week one
February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month!

Today is WEEK ONE of Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! That means you have an entire month to take action, raise awareness, and make a difference! There is major energy in the Turner Syndrome community right now, and with your help we can keep it moving! Let’s keep the momentum going to make sure every girl receives a timely diagnosis and every woman receives comprehensive care throughout her life!

All month long we’ll be sharing ways you can get involved. This week’s idea is to become a supporter by donating to Turner Syndrome Foundation. This is one of the easiest ways you can make a difference because it takes little time or effort! Every dollar raised allows us to improve and expand our programs and services to increase public awareness of Turner Syndrome.

Ways to Give
  • Make a donation safely and securely online. Not sure how much to give? We encourage a gift of $28 – one dollar for every day of Awareness Month!
  • Set up an online fundraising page. In just a few minutes, you’ll have an online platform to invite your friends and family to support this cause with you!
  • Become a monthly donor. This is one of the most impactful ways to support TSF because you can divide a larger donation into small monthly payments – making it accessible for you!
  • Ask your employer about matching gifts. Hundreds of corporations across America recognize the value of their employee’s donations to non-profit agencies, and offer matching gift programs to further increase the value of their donations.
  • Send a tribute card to someone special by making a donation in their name. Let them know you support this cause that’s dear to them and celebrate Awareness Month with a celebration card.

For more ways to give, click here. Be sure to check back each week for new ways you can get involved this Awareness Month!

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