It’s Turner Syndrome Awareness Month!

turner syndrome awareness
Why is Awareness Month Important?

Today officially marks the start of Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! While it’s important to raise awareness for Turner Syndrome all year long, February is a chance to do a little more!

Everyone wants to raise awareness for a different reason because each Turner Syndrome story is so unique. Caregivers searching for ways to share a diagnosis are probably here for different reasons than a woman looking for adult resources. No matter what brought you here, it’s safe to say that we all want to raise awareness and make an impact in the future of Turner Syndrome care.

Awareness Month is so important because it is an opportunity for our community to come together. One person can make a tremendous impact, but together we can bring awareness to Turner Syndrome on a national scale! Every week in February we’ll be sharing ideas of how you can take action this Awareness Month! For many of them, you don’t even need to leave your living room!

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